The goal of the platform was simple, decrease overhead time for online publishers monitoring and managing their online advertising inventory. These users were found typically in the Advertising Operations department within a digital content publisher, ad network, ad technology provider, or ad agency.

Conceptualized designs based on an initial user research phase; followed an iterative design process including usability testing of mockups and prototypes; designed the site’s features based on the latest search and navigation technology; developed an extensive information taxonomy and ontology to support improved information retrieval

An example scenario would be an agency user, InBev, would like to access Viewability rate to ensure they are achieving cost effective CPM and reaching a target audience (21-40) who are likely to drink a product from their group of alcoholic beverages for their client (Anheuser Busch). Working with executive stakeholders and the Product and Engineering team we arrived at a conceptual prototype of the possibilities that this platform can support, using the prototype to gain feedback from our internal and external users.


UX Lead


Axure, The Internet (Research)