Let Promoters Promote!

Metro Shuffle is a social event service aimed to streamline event promotion across various social networks simultaneously. Firstly, simplifying event creation and optimization of event posts or promotion, at the same time, creating a landing page to collect content around the event.


Event organizers are forced to repeat the initiative of creating posts across a handful of different social networks to promote events, repeating tasks, such as attaching image flyers, and manually typing event credentials over and over (time, date, location). This problem leaves many event flyers uncategorized and unsearchable in non-specific event portals. 

Metro Shuffle is aimed at the event management community, indispensable to both a world class event agency and casual event organizer. The innovative product allows for, creating a buzz before, interaction during, and telling the story behind the events we all wish never ended. A platform that not only eases, but also encourages “community” user interaction. Mobilizing fans to discover events through a social network and social “event” identity, providing additional social commerce and frictionless sharing capabilities



  • Role

    Product Designer

  • Technology

    Axure, Photoshop

  • Client

    Metro Shuffle

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